140419 [TRANS/INTERVIEW] BOYFRIEND’s Interview with K-mook*TOKYO

4th Single「My Avatar」from BOYFRIEND was released on March 2014. Suprisely, 5th Single「Start Up!」announces to release in May! Live broadcasting at the same month and must keep an eye on it this year! While the activity of the 4th single and preparing 5th single are piled up, and is considerably busy; they accepted an interview of K-mook * TOKYO again. This interview revealed about the highlight and the feelings of the impression of the American performance of March and the 5th single.

Q :Showcase in United States, it was good work. BOYFRIEND be the first performance as a K-POP artist in Puerto Rico in particular, tell us your impression about it.
Minwoo : At first we were worried because we went to United States for the first time, but we were greeted warmly at the airport. It was a memorable performances.
Donghyun : All of us are going to United States for the first time. Therefore we were extremely happy, especially in the spare time. It was a good memory.
Hyunseong : Showcase in foreign country is unfinished. I was enjoy the performances.
Youngmin : We were burdened with the word “the first Kpop Idol who held Showcase in Puerto Rico” but fans very pleased about that. So it was a good opportunity.
Jeongmin : Everything was exciting! Even we are not arrive yet, I was excited because it was very beautiful place. After I arrived, I was excited as well before the show.
Kwangmin : Puerto Rico is extremely beautiful. I was surprised that we were pleased with a lot of fans. So I want to go there again.

Q : What’s about local schedule?
Jeongmin : First, we have to rehearsal of the performance. Then there was a time to rest, some members swimming in the pool, resting at the hotel. Beyond the performances, we visited the local tourist destinations.

Q : How did the hotel staffs split the member’s room?
Kwangmin : Minwoo and I are in the same room. Hyunseong with Donghyun, and Jeongmin with Youngmin.

Q : How the staff divide the member’s room? Based on what?
Donghyun : Staff’s decide (laughs)
Minwoo : Maybe the birthday order.


Q : How was the fans’ reaction during the showcase?
Minwoo : The reaction was very excited and hot. Beyond our expectations.

Q : Where is the most impressive performances?
Kwangmin : I think Puerto Rico.

Q : Why?
Kwangmin : Because it was hot performances there
Youngmin : Performances in Dallas and Chicago are hot too!

Q : Are there any point of performances in United States?
Donghyun : I prepared for the solo stage and I choose the music that the fans can enjoy it in United States and our Korean Song stage was active again because our korea stage wasn’t seen too much (since their activities in Japan)

Q : What is the difference between United States and your country since you have been working so far?
Minwoo : I think American fans are free. I was there to see my audience, I look through their eyes that they really love us at that time, and some people can have hug, and greet each others with kiss on cheek , I think that everyone is free here.


Q : Is there any impressive fans?
Donghyun : When I’m doing my solo stage, I was very confused. But the fans supporting me so I was so impressed and I wink to them. That was impressive

Q : Do you have any progress in English during the showcase?
Kwangmin : (full of confidence) Yes!

Q : Which member that have a big progress?
BOYFRIEND : Jeongmin!

Q : Can we listen to Jeongmin’s english?
Youngmin : Hey!
Jeongmin : Ah I can’t (laughs) Donghyun is the best in English.

Q : Please say any greetings in English.
Donghyun : What’s up Dallas. What’s up Chicago. What’s up Puerto Rico. I’m so pleased to greet you guys with a simple word.


Q : Is there any performance that you wanted to show us in the future?
Jeongmin : I think through this performance, I want to make a great stage to give toss to our fans. And I want the fans not only watch us from the audience, but they can play with us together. Please look forward for performance like that and I hope you guys have fun.

Q : Is there any country that you want to visit?
Kwangmin : I want to go to Europe. Because a lot of Kpop Artists has been visited Europe. And I want to go to France.
Jeongmin : Mexico, Brazil, I want to go to Central America and South America.
Donghyun : New Zealand and Australia. Because I’ve heard so many fans from Oceania Zone come to see us.
Youngmin : I want to hold a concert in Africa. And I want show you a lot of performances because I think everyone never been goes to Africa.

The next exclusive interview with Boyfriend’s 5th Single ‘Startup’ will be release soon!

[Text:Kyuyon Kim / Photo:SHINYA YOSHIDA]
Eng trans by STARSHIPentINA
If there any mistake, please tell us through the comment or twitter @STARSHIPentINA ^^


One thought on “140419 [TRANS/INTERVIEW] BOYFRIEND’s Interview with K-mook*TOKYO

  1. Hahahaha I remember during it Jeongmin said “I don’t English.” of course, he changed it to “I CAN’T English.”

    It may not be perfect but I still think it’s the best xD

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